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New Patients

Welcome to Hale Chiropractic. You’ll find that we keep a fun and relaxing atmosphere with a caring team who loves to get to know our patients. You don’t need to worry about doing anything special to prepare for your initial visit—just bring your hope and be ready to have your life changed!

The First Appointment

When you arrive, you’ll have some paperwork to fill out before meeting one-on-one with Dr. Hale. You’ll talk about your background, then move on to a full examination that includes orthopedic, neurological and range of motion testing. We usually recommend having X-rays taken, with on-site digital facilities available to our patients. You may require surface thermography, and most of our patients receive a postural evaluation as well.

In total, the first day takes about 30 minutes.

Your Report of Findings

Upon your return, you and Dr. Hale will sit down to go through your X-rays and the other findings from your examination. Based on our experience and your particular situation, we’ll recommend how often you visit us and any corrective therapies or adjustments you may need. You’ll also receive your first chiropractic adjustment.

This visit takes about 20 minutes.

Continuing to Stay Healthy

We believe in educating you about how your body works and the best way you can stay well. Chiropractic care for your spine is like brushing teeth is for your oral health—you do it to keep staying well and prevent problems. Research supports that those who get adjusted regularly require up to 86% fewer medical interventions than those who aren’t under care. It makes sense to take care of your body in the long term. Your health is the best investment you’ll ever make.


Contact us today to get started! We have same-day appointments and accept insurance coverage.

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