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Chiropractic Care

Dr. Hale adjusting patientWho wouldn’t want decreased pain, enhanced energy, boosted mobility and improved mental clarity? These and much more are the benefits of chiropractic you can experience when you become a patient at Hale Chiropractic.

We’ll take our time to understand your needs with a comprehensive examination and digital X-rays before adjusting you. The chiropractic adjustment allows hormones to be released from your brain that will cascade through your body and cause physical and emotional relaxation. Often, patients report better sleep, greater comfort and an overall increased sense of well-being as a side effect.

Simple, Painless and Highly Effective

Dr. Hale primarily uses instrument-based adjusting that is low-force and gives a fantastic result. It is ideal for seniors and anyone who doesn’t want to hear an audible noise during the adjustment. We also offer drop table adjusting for a precise touch, as well as more hands-on techniques. We’re happy to tailor our approach to your individual needs and desires.

We’ll show you the instrument before proceeding so that you feel comfortable getting started. The adjustment is pain-free, though your muscles may feel tight and sore if they’re overworked and inflamed. Though the adjustment takes just a couple of minutes, the effects of it last for days afterward.

Learn More at Our Seminars

We hold quarterly talks on topics such as exercise, stress management and nutrition to give you the tools you need to transform your lifestyle. Additionally, we carry a line of supplements in the office you can purchase.

Contact us today to find out when our next talk will be held! If you’re ready to schedule your appointment, take advantage of our $79 new patient offer: you’ll receive an examination, X-rays and report of findings.

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